Conquering the Plastic Bottle Market: Sourcing Guide from China
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Conquering the Plastic Bottle Market: Sourcing Guide from China

Today, life requires useful products for daily use. One of them is using a water bottle. You can’t go anywhere without taking it with you. Water is an essential daily need. So carrying a bottle is a must for you!

Just like someone wants to bring a Starbucks cup, someone wants to bring a plastic water bottle! We can see students, teachers, runners, gym goers and many others using this device. The demand for cold water bottles is huge!

Many shop owners sell trendy and cute drink bottles. They look for suppliers who can offer low prices so they can sell them at low prices too! If you’re looking for plastic bottle suppliers, this is a great guide. This can help you find a supplier for  any plastic bottle you need for any liquid.

1. basic

It was only in 1947 that plastic bottles were used for commercial purposes. China is aware of the worldwide need for bottled drinking water, so China is starting to take the lead in this issue. In 2015, demand for Pet bottles increased by 28%.

Currently, plastic output in China reaches 95.7 million tons. This includes usage and recycling processes. That means China imports plastic waste from around the world to reuse and protect the environment. PET bottles or (Polyethylene Terephthalate) are used to store drinks and food. China recycles them to realize the Green campaign.

Over the years, plastic bottle manufacturers in China have expanded to meet and supply this demand. More than 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute worldwide. Now you can import plastic bottles from thousands of suppliers. It has become a major exporter.

The importance of plastic bottles in various industries

Lower energy in production

Compared to glass, plastic uses less energy and natural resources. It reduces fuel consumption during transportation because it is lightweight and has a long shelf life.

Low cost but durable

Plastic bottles are cheap and can be used to hold many liquid products. This protects products and reduces waste.

Plastic can withstand pressure.

The resin is chemically inactive and resistant to corrosion. It is an excellent electrical and thermal insulator. It is waterproof and has good adhesion.

It can be recycled.

These materials can be recycled into other products such as carpet fibers, binding materials, bags, etc. Because they are light, transportation costs to the recycling center are low. This can help reduce the amount of waste released into the environment.

Hygiene and aesthetics

Plastic can be turned into many different shapes for high aesthetics. Your product looks clean and hygienic. You can throw it away after use.

2. Learn how to make plastic bottles

1) Plastic bottle production process

There are three stages in making plastic bottles.

blow molding

This is a common production method for producing empty plastic bottles in large quantities. This step aims to create the right actions and excellent end results. There are two steps involved in this process: first, the preform is injected and then blown into the final bottle shape.

Extrusion blowing

In general, extrusion is used to make bottles with large capacity and thin walls. With minimal material waste, more bottles can be produced. It uses a high degree of automation, labor costs are reduced and productivity is increased.

Stretch blow molding

Stretch molding is used to make plastic bottles for carbonated drinks, water and other liquids. This is done by stretching the molten plastic mold into the desired shape. The company produces thin, lightweight bottles with a superior barrier that protects the contents from air and moisture. This is great for the food and beverage industry.

2) Type of plastic used to make bottles

  • High density polyethylene (HDPE)

It is used for packaging various items such as milk, juices, cleaning supplies, and personal care items. It is durable and can be recycled to make other products.

  • Low density polyethylene (LDPE)

This type of plastic is used in products such as shampoo, lotion, and other personal care products. Easy to squeeze and lightweight.

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl)

This type of  bottle is heat resistant so it is used to package products such as chemicals and cleaning solutions such as detergents, bleach and acids.

  • Polyetylen Terephthalate (PET)

This type of plastic is cheap. Functions as a beverage container, including milk, juice, soft drink and water bottles. PET is a clear, durable, lightweight and easy-to-shape plastic, so it is suitable for making plastic bottles.

3) Plastic bottle design and material innovation

PET bottle making machine

An innovative machine can produce PET bottles effectively thanks to its high productivity and efficiency. This can reduce cycle times by up to 30% with less waste. These machines are energy efficient so they consume less energy.

Artificial intelligence

They are equipped with PLC controller with touch screen function for easy operation. It makes the production process fast and smooth. It also uses a monitoring system to check the machine’s operation or performance remotely.

Plastic recycling technology

With this breakthrough method, plastic composite materials are divided into corresponding components. By selectively decomposing PET plastic, this groundbreaking method removes plastic bottles and other waste from water.

3. Benefits of sourcing goods from China

China is famous for producing cheap goods or products. They are very efficient in large production runs. You can find thousands of suppliers who can become the best partners for your business.

Sourcing from Chinese suppliers can bring you many benefits. They can provide OEM or ODM services so you can grow your business. Are you looking for a plastic bottle manufacturer but not sure about buying one from China?

Below are the advantages if you choose a supplier here:

1) Cost effective

You can save a lot when buying suppliers in China. The workforce in China is rich so they buy cheap things. This is why you can get the product at a reasonable price. The lower the labor cost, the lower the price of the product when you buy it in China.

Suppliers in China can give you big discounts. This allows you to get more profit from the products you sell. Discount based on MOQ requirement for each seller.

The Chinese OEM market is very competitive. Therefore, most manufacturers will work directly with customers to avoid the higher costs of using multiple middlemen. Getting started is easier when you only have to work with one sourcing agency in some cases. This is cost effective.

2) Production scale

China’s economy is solid. The company has a deep understanding of global supply chain management. With many years of experience, these two factors allow them to scale up production when needed.

You can grow your business instantly if you source from China. For example, you can increase orders from thousands to hundreds of thousands without having to wait long. You can work with suppliers to meet your product needs.

3) Advanced technology and skilled workforce

With a large workforce, you can find companies that only hire skilled workers to meet customer needs. You don’t need to worry about the quality of your orders because they use advanced technology and advanced machines.

A company can provide many services. They can provide solutions, including raw material procurement. You can trust such services because they are experts in their field.

4. Process of Purchasing Plastic Bottles from China

1) Find reliable plastic bottle manufacturers and suppliers.

It’s easy to find a supplier when you search on the internet. You can easily see it when you search for it on Google or Chinese platforms such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, Global Source and many others. This is a good place to check for qualified suppliers.

However, the key to finding a reliable supplier can be based on the following:

  • Direct company
  • Expertise and years of operation
  • Client
  • Licenses and permits
  • Review
  • Instruct
  • Location

Large companies looking for suppliers can attend exhibitions in China, where they can meet and chat with potential suppliers. You can also get a sourcing agent from a reputable company like JustChinaIt to help you access all the verified suppliers.

Remember to evaluate the company you want to work with. You need to contact them and ask as many questions as possible. Be careful with offers that are too good to be true. Before closing the deal, review the contract and make sure you agree to all the terms.

2) Understand the importance of quality control and certification.

Certification (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000) is required when selecting your supplier. Certification of your plastic bottle manufacturer can demonstrate that they comply with plastic bottle industry standards and requirements.

This ensures the product is safe for consumers. If your supplier has one, you know the products they sell are safe because they comply with safety and quality control requirements.

3) Navigate logistics and transportation

Logistics plays an important role in import business. Once you place your order, getting the product to where you want it can be a challenge. For example, not every supplier can deliver your order, and you need to find a courier to deliver it. Another big factor is shipping costs.

Don’t worry if you want to buy from China because we use many different channels for on-time and safe delivery. If your supplier doesn’t handle shipping, a freight forwarder can help you simplify the process.

A sourcing company can also be of great help in shipping your order with ease. They have partnerships with couriers who can give you great shipping deals. You can save on shipping costs and they can help with customs clearance. There are many ways and options you can choose to save costs.

5. Time your order

1) Implementation time and production schedule

Most suppliers have inventory of their products. If you only order the minimum MOQ, they can ship the order to you immediately. But let’s say you order in bulk (the supplier will tell you how much stock they have left) and the supplier needs to stock up; Minimum implementation time is 15 working days.

For OEM or ODM, direct factory may allocate 30-35 working days to complete production. Depending on volume, services such as inspections will add at least five business days or more. For customization, lead time depends on the packaging requested.

Deliveries begin once production, inspection and packaging are complete. If you use express delivery, delivery can take less than a week, but ocean goods can take between 15-45 days.

2) Chinese holidays and production cycles

Some Chinese holidays may affect your order creation. Major holidays such as Lunar New Year, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Festivals such as Dragon Boat, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Golden Week are important holidays where most factories do not operate. You should consider this when placing your order.

The same goes for Western holidays and special occasions celebrated around the world. Christmas and New Year may affect production and delivery of orders. You should make adjustments and order or ship in advance if your inventory is critical and needs to be replenished quickly.

6. Major manufacturing centers in China

There are many different regions in China for factory distribution in production. Since plastic bottle manufacturing is part of the food and beverage sector, most suppliers or factories are located in:

  • Guangdong
  • Jiangsu
  • Self
  • Ha Nam
  • Shandong
  • Huber

However, there are industrial parks in China where you can find companies that produce plastic bottles. There are plastic factories in Ningbo and Guangzhou. You can find a list of qualified suppliers from this area. They have lower production costs and have been in business for many years.

7. Choose the right manufacturer

It may seem easy to choose a company that you can find online, but we want to help you choose the right one.

Factors to consider when choosing a water bottle manufacturer

Direct source

Buying directly from the source gives you many benefits. You receive quality products and attractive price incentives. You can get product samples, they are willing to cooperate with you for a long time. Always look for the manufacturer if you are buying in bulk or can afford their minimum price. MOQ.

Better scaling functionality

Always consider your company’s needs and potential. Choose a bottle manufacturing company that can meet your growing orders with shorter or faster lead times. Choose people who are knowledgeable about the industry and keep up to date with technological developments.


Since there are many different types of plastic bottles, find a company that specializes in the type you need. You can trust a company that knows how to work and produce quality products, using only the right materials with care.


Do you get a response when you email or chat? Do they also clarify information when you ask questions? Choose a company that can respond immediately to your needs and questions. Good communication is important when looking for a supplier.

Appreciate customers

You can have long-lasting relationships and good partnerships with suppliers who value their customers. Not only do they provide what you need, but they also provide the best knowledge and options when it comes to your purchases and shipping.

8. Top 10 plastic bottle suppliers

1) Taizhou Ganglong Plastik Co., Ltd

The company’s pride is in the high quality raw materials used to produce plastic water bottles. They have a factory in Shenzhen and started operations in 1999.

2) Koodee Metals LLC

As one of the leading companies in the industry, they have been manufacturing PET bottles since 2002 with efficient facilities. They are popular in many countries such as the US, UK, Africa and Asian countries.

3) KingStar Industries Company Limited

The company is headquartered in Hubei and is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic and PET bottles. They are known for product quality that surpasses Chinese standards and testing. They also produce custom products.

4) Zhejiang Xinlei Kemasan Co., Ltd

They started in 2002 in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. They are known to be a major exporter of plastic bottles and related products. They have more than a hundred high-tech machines for their OEM and ODM products.

5) Xianning MingDa Plastik Products Co., Ltd

Established in 2006, it is one of the leading PE and PET bottle manufacturers from Hubei. Their products meet 100,000 GMP standards so customers are satisfied with their products.

6) Dongguan Xianglin Produk Plastik Co., Ltd

Known as one of the leading plastic bottle manufacturers and plastic bottle packaging suppliers, you can get high quality products from them. They have OEM and ODM services.

7) Guangzhou Junjie Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd

You can consider this company if you are looking for a quality airless PET bottle supplier. They export nearly 70% of plastic products to the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

8) Safeshine Industrial Company Limited

Another famous Chinese high quality water bottle manufacturer. They offer many different types of water bottles, such as PET and HDPE. Whether you are looking for a bike, smart water bottle or folding water bottle, they can provide everything you need.

9) Guangzhou Diller Daily Necessities Co., Ltd

It is the leading plastic water bottle manufacturer in China. Since PET bottles are safe to use with hot foods like soup or coffee, they have expertise in manufacturing PET bottles that are widely used in the food packaging industry. They have a team that can provide customized solutions to customers.

10) Shaoxing Shangyu Yastar Plastik Co., Ltd.

They are one of the most trusted and famous manufacturers and exporters of plastic bottles. They sell 70 to 90 percent of various plastic bottles, along with other goods, to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America and the Middle East.

9. Consider and negotiate costs

1) Price structure of plastic bottle production

Plastic bottles are cheap compared to wholesale prices. Sometimes, even less than a dollar. If you go into the Chinese market and compare prices with manufacturers, you can see they are almost the same.

Price depends on the type of plastic bottle, size, design and materials used. Every supplier has MOQ requirements. The higher the order quantity, the lower the price per product. Price varies if you want it custom made. Additional packaging adds to the cost.

When choosing a custom water bottle, you can request changes to the design, coating, label and have it inspected. This add-on can change the base number of plastic bottles. This is what you will negotiate with the supplier. This helps when you compare prices with different suppliers.

2) Tips for negotiating price and terms

  • Get tiered pricing

Instead of haggling for the lowest price, first ask about their MOQ and the discount you will receive for each order level. If they offer a price for 100, ask how much discount you will get if you buy 1000, 10,000, etc. Bargain to get a fair price and see how you can make a better offer .

  • Always be polite

You can negotiate or even politely decline. Being polite shows the salesperson that you are interested in establishing a good, long-term business relationship.

  • Request sample

Samples may be provided for free or sold at a reduced price. This will give you the opportunity to try and evaluate the product. You can provide feedback to the seller and they can make improvements or give you solutions.

  • Start with small orders

You can check the whole process and evaluate the supplier’s service with your first order. Place a small order and see if you’re satisfied with the experience. You can add to your order if you feel satisfied.

  • Get contract

The contract will protect you and the seller during your transaction. You can consult when there is a problem with the order or if one of the parties does not comply with the agreement.

  • Build relationships

Show that you want to create a partnership so that each party benefits from it. It’s a give and take approach to building your network by having trustworthy and reliable suppliers who are willing to work with you over the long term.

10. Q&A

1) How much does a bottle of water cost in China?

Water bottle prices in China are 50-90% cheaper than any other supplier. Prices vary depending on type and size, including design and materials used. Here’s a simple example: a bottle of sports water can cost around $2-$3 if you get the required MOQ from the supplier. Retail MOQ or less required may be less than $8.

2) Which bottled water comes from China?

The bottled water brand called Ganten comes from a company in Shenzhen, China. The TV commercial they created was filmed in Scotland. Since 2012, China has become the world’s largest bottled water market. Other famous brands are Nongfu Spring, Ice Dew and Tingyi.

3) Is it safe to buy water bottles from China?

Buying water bottles from certified and trustworthy manufacturers in China is safe. Plastic bottles contain ingredients such as antimony, BPA, and phthalates that are not safe for humans. Therefore, if you are a buyer and want safe plastic bottles for your business, you can discuss with the supplier so that the product does not have dangerous elements.

4) Who produces HDPE plastic bottles in China?

You can find HDPE plastic bottle manufacturing companies in China from platforms such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Made in China or Global Sources. Some trusted companies that manufacture these bottles are:

  • Maxspeed Group Co., Ltd
  • Hangzhou Bona Kemasan Co., Ltd
  • Wenzhou Start Inzok Co., Ltd
  • Ningbo Wellpack Packaging Co., Ltd
  • package of grace
  • Botol Guoyu

5) Do they customize water bottles in China?

Correct. Many companies produce custom water bottles at reasonable prices. They can customize different types of plastic bottles with fast production speed. You can get custom services from most suppliers if you’re looking for corporate gifts, special events or business needs.

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